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Given the increasing population of the country and consequently the growing need for housing, especially for young people who will be the future makers of this border and are the ones who will build the future of the country, so the need for good and appropriate housing with today’s definition of one On the one hand, the inefficiency of traditional and conventional systems for mass production of housing that meets this essential need, on the other hand, has made the approach to industrial construction methods a definite requirement.

Obviously, for our country, which is exposed to earthquakes and many of its areas are prone to earthquake faults, the development of light buildings should be considered as a strategy and an ultimate goal, and because we will see with a deep and in-depth look. At present, no reliable and available light system is common in the country, so choosing and introducing a light system will be very important and therefore must be chosen very carefully.

Therefore, Sepe Sazan Sepehr Shiraz Engineering Technical Company, with years of experience of the company’s managers and with a brilliant track record and can be offered in the implementation of construction projects with comprehensive studies, has reached the point that the only way, light construction systems in the true sense The word, and an economically viable system, can be relied upon and implemented at any time, followed by the collection and use of experienced and efficient staff and an experienced group of engineers and architects in the technical-engineering department. It has the full ability to design, manufacture, execute and consult the construction system of LSF steel frames. And in the process, it will be with you from start to finish.

Yes, in carrying out all construction and civil works, including design, calculation, supervision and in general, the implementation of all stages of construction and everything that is needed, from obtaining a license until the end of the work with you.

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