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?What is lsf structure

LSF Lightweight Steel Structural System is an advanced structural system that is used in a variety of constructions such as villas, residential and office buildings, hotel and hotel apartments, school and university buildings, restaurants, etc. And it is one of the most appropriate building systems in use today in the world. According to experts’ calculations, life-threatening deaths in natural disasters such as earthquakes are life-threatening. Dead loads include heavy materials on walls, floors and ceilings as well as our livelihoods. Lightweight steel structures exhibit the most appropriate behavior against earthquake forces due to the integration of lightweight and lightweight components. Other benefits of these structures include high speed construction, durability and long life, the ability to assemble and install elsewhere, saving energy and materials, pleasing designs, ease of execution, cost-effective quality. Less pointed out, the elimination of human errors at runtime, etc.

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About us

Sana Sazan Engineering Company with many years of experience in designing, calculating and executing L.SF steel buildings, mentioned some of the implemented projects, is proud to cooperate with Shiraz University and collector of LSF steel buildings system in Iran and is the first The guidelines for the design and implementation of L.SF structures have been compiled under the auspices of the Group and are the executive member of the Light Frame Structures Research and Development Institute (AISI representative in the Middle East) and are the patron of this instruction and are proud of their company logo. On the page has spiritual supporters.

Benefits of building lsf

  • Very high execution speed
    High quality and uniform finish product
    Lightness and consequently reduced earthquake force on structures
    High quality fitting performance
    Fully compliant with global energy consumption standards
    Easy shipping
    High durability and resistance to adverse environmental conditions
    Good audio performance
    Complies with fire safety standards and standards
    Requires low workshop space and greater safety in the workshop
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Cement board view

?What is a Cement Board

Cement board is a cement board made of natural cementitious fibers, a unique blend of silica to enhance the mechanical properties to ensure the stability of this product in all climates.
 Cement Board is used in all building coatings such as facades, exterior and interior walls, indoor and outdoor false ceilings and because of weather conditions not affecting this product can be used Cement Board in wet and humid areas Harsh weather conditions.

Benefits of Cement

Quick and easy installation and execution of cement overlay
Save energy by using Cement Board View
High safety level on fiber cement
Fiber Cement Durability
Cement resistance class
Quick and easy installation and execution of cement overlay
Save energy by using Cement Board View
The safety level is high on fiber cement

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Workshop buildings

Manufacturing of lightweight industrial niches using the LSF and CFS structural system due to the inherent strength of steel and the fire-proof quality of those steel structures make homes susceptible to adverse accidents such as fire, earthquake and hurricane.

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Villa building

The best system for building modern villas is LSF. The walls are very buoyant in architectural design and it is possible to create modern and eye-catching designs in LSF structures.

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Over floor

Due to lack of space some office and residential buildings or work offices need to be expanded.

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?Why Sanasazan

  • Using Canadian Structures
    With over 15 years of experience and experience
    Iso 9001 international quality management certification
    Certified by ISO 14001 International Environmental Management Standard
    Certified by Canadian unical international company
    Executive member of Light Metal Frame Structures Research and Development Institute (AISI representative in the Middle East)
    Attending the International Building Industry Exhibition
    Attending the 2016 contex exhibition
    Attending mass exhibition, real estate, building technology
    Component of the Top Three Companies in the LSF Structure and Top Canadian American System Administrator in the Country According to the Iranian Steel Frame Structure Research and Development Institute Site Ranking

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